10 Weirdest Dresses

#1 The Porcelain Dress

Designed by stylist Li Xiaofeng, this dress was entirely made out of porcelain.

#2 The Video Dress

This video dress was designed by Turkish designer Hussein Cahalayan. His striking creation shows a time lapse of a rose opening and closing up, in a spectacular display of colours and light, created from 15.000 LEDs that are embedded in the fabric. The dress was presented at Milan Design Fair.

#3 The Emotion-sensitive Dress

If you're stressed or angry, your dress is going to be red; if you're calm, it'll come up green. Designed by Philips, it works with two layers: the inner one is able to detect your emotion by the change of body temperature and sweat and send signal to the outer one to change its color.

#4 The Tax Form Dress

This dress is completely made out of basic paper tax forms, tape and glue. The creator sketched out a whole lot of ideas for a couple of weeks and the actual creation of it took about a month.

#5 The Phonebook Dress

Jolis Paons, an amazing artist, handmade this dress entirely out of phonebook paper. “I pleated, stuck, sewed, and glued everything by hand,” said the artist... and you can actually wear it.

#6 The Zipper Dress

Generally speaking, a cloth comes in a single size, but this design by Lee Joo Eun named "Duality" can adjust the garment to suit most people with the help of the zippers. Since every zipper has a color band hidden under it, your dress is going to be more beautiful after opening it.

#7 The Circuit Board Dress

The talented Em Stone made this dress by hand with real computer parts.

#8 The Wooden Dress

Made entirely of laminated and bent wood (and some bolts to hold it all together), this outfit designed by Grace Johnston can actually curtsy! When you pull on the rings at the sides, the cables make the skirt rise. Cool!

#9 The Duct Tape Dress

This is a prom dress made out of duct tape. Duck brand "Duct Tape" holds a scholarship contest every year to see who can make the best prom outfit outta duct tape-- the winners gets $3,000 for college.

#10 The Birdcage Dress

Conceptual artist Kasey McMahon's latest creation: the Birdcage Dress, a fully functional wearable brass bird cage. Notice the birdies inside?

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